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How Best Friend Dog Names Came To Be

best friend dog names

Hi, I'm Deb and I'm the person behind Best Friend Dog Names.

My husband (Captain Joe) and I are semi retired, meaning that we come home to Canada in the summers to work. Our winters are spent in Mexico aboard our sailboat. A lifestyle that we'd - understandably - like to continue for a long time into the future.

Joe and I have been self-employed almost all of our working lives (he farming, and I, teaching first aid and CPR and working casual as an EMT-A) and it occurred to us as we entered our 50's, that we had no pension to look forward to and we'd be working at least part time into our twilight years at the rate we were saving.

We needed a way to continue making money indefinitely, with the freedom to live wherever we chose.

It sounds like a tall order, some would say crazy.

At about the same time, we were watching, with interest ,as our daughter started a website less than a year after buying her very first computer. The part we were watching with interest was the ever increasing income she was bringing in.

"You can do this Mom" she assured me when I started asking questions.

I took the plunge without even reading the case studies of numerous people, just like us, who've had great success with their websites. I didn't even know they existed at the time.

I did things a little differently than most SBIers because I already knew that it worked by watching my daughter's success over the previous 2 years. For me the bigger concern was can I do it wth my limited computer skills?

I walked into this not having a clue what I was doing and knew there would be a learning curve and lots of work ahead. I told myself that there would be times of frustration and that I was committed to work through it.

There have been frustrations along the way but I hadn't even dreamed how liberating the rewards would be. Thank goodness for the forums that have answered pretty much every question before i asked it.

It took a couple of months but I just kept putting up pages on my new website, learning as I went along.

Pretty soon things started to fall into place and make a whole lot more sense. By that time I had a functioning website up.

I was a webmaster!

Not long after that, money started to trickle in from advertising income and that trickle has become a steady stream that has replaced my previous paycheck.

This is my 5th website, not bad for a semi retired grandmother of two.

For me, the websites have allowed me to work anywhere in the world, take time off whenever I want to (even months at a time) and will provide an ongoing income into our retirement years.

SBI! has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made! I LOVE everything about it.

Here's a place to go for more information about building your own website and earning money from home without having a product to sell!

I couldn't have done it without this web hosting company that provided every tool I needed to start my own website.

Already decided to start your own website? Click here to go directly to SBI!'s order page.

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