About Us

Who we are and how we got here.

It's me, Deb, that puts the sites together and my husband Joe is an enthusiastic onlooker.

We are "between dogs" since our beloved "Chimo" died and this site is dedicated to his memory. No better companion could have walked that part of our journey with us.

We're two prairie kids that got the sailing bug and headed out to sea on our sailing ketch to a life of adventure in Mexican waters. We spend our winters on the boat and the summers in Canada, taking care of a small marina on the West Coast.

about us

I guess you'd call us semi retired grandparents and although we live pretty far away from the grandkids in the winter, we make up for it in the summer by living on the same island. A life we'd, understandably, like to continue and improve on.

Having been self employed for most of our lives, Joe and I began to realize that there wasn't going to be a pension pot at the end of our rainbow.

The farm was sold and scary fluctuations in our investment income began to make us very nervous about our financial future.

Rather than get a job working for someone else we began looking for a way to make money while continuing our lifestyle.

We'd been watching our daughter as she started her own website less than one year after purchasing her first computer. Within a year she'd begun a trickle of income that she nudged into a full time income within 3 years. No work schedule, no childcare expense, just a paycheck in the bank every month.

"You can do this too Mom", she encouraged as I asked more and more questions.

And so began a journey that has led to a comforting monthly income, at a job I can take with me.

Websites have become a way of life for me in the last 5 years even though, before that I had no aspirations to become a webmaster nor any skills that would lead me to think I could build and oversee a successful website of my own.

Currently I have 5 websites on a variety of subjects and between them they pay about half of our living expenses. Every year we get a big raise and in 2 more years we should be financially independent.

How did I do that with no skills as a webmaster, internet user or keyboardist? I sometimes wonder at that myself but the answer is, SBI!, the web hosting company that I was introduced to by my daughter.

If you're interested in learning more about how the website is helping us to spend our winters in Mexico Click here

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