Free Puppy Training Tips

How to Train a Puppy

Free Puppy Training Tips - How to train a puppy to respond to some basic commands, walk on a leash and do his business where YOU choose. Become the Alpha Dog in your home.

free puppy training tips

Now that you've picked out a name for your buddy it's time to teach her to be the very best dog she can be.

Bringing a dog into the family (pack) begins a long term relationship between all of the housemates and the puppy. Establishing the hierarchy (pecking order) is easiest to do early in the relationship.

The puppy views the family as his pack and will naturally seek order in the pack, determining not only who the leader is (you) but where he falls in the hierarchy (pecking order) of the family.

Without a clear leader establishing control, the dog will appoint himself as leader-of-the-whole-land and carry on doing things exactly as he chooses (and who can blame him?).

The Advantages of Free Puppy Training

  • A dog that is under control is safer and less likely to get into unsafe situations.
  • People are safer around a trained dog (especially kids, elderly and allergic).
  • Puppies feel secure and usually thrive under a good leader.
  • Obedient dogs are welcome at a wider variety of homes and venues.

Start by Leading - Free Puppy Training Tips

As the pack leader, always lead. That means you go first - go out the door first, eat first, walk in the lead position. In a dog's eyes, the leader goes first.

A good pack leader is like a good parent, maintaining control over pack behavior in a loving, caring manner.

Discourage Dominant Behaviors - Free Puppy Training

If you have a dominant type dog who demands attention and Lords over the household, do not encourage assertive type play like tug-of-war and strongly discourage mounting and humping, both of which are dominating behaviors.

Particularly with dogs who tend toward dominant behavior

Our section on how to train a puppy includes articles on specific skills that wonderful puppies possess.

There's a lot of controversy regarding the use of Electric Dog Collars but if there is a time to use them it is with strong and assertive dogs.

Reward the Positive - Free Puppy Training Tips

The very best way to get your puppy to do what you want him to do is to give him a reward (food treat, pat, or play) as he's doing the behavior.

Soon the dog will associate the behavior with positive feelings and will want to do it.

Set him up to succeed (Gently guide him to a sitting position or bribe him - yes, I'm not above a little bribery) so that you can show him how much you like it when he does it.

Be Consistent - Free Puppy Training Tips

Puppies are constantly reading signals from you to determine what behaviors you like and which you don't. Most dogs want to please and your consistent feedback should let him know if he is on track or not.

If you want him to do something, consistently reward that behavior whenever he does it (especially in the beginning).

NEVER give him what he wants while he is doing something you do NOT want him to do.

If it's not OK to go on the furniture, don't confuse her by sending mixed signals and letting her on the bed sometimes.

The Basics ~ Free Puppy Training Tips

Begin with the most basic skills that allow you to take the puppy out in public.

Come, Sit and Stay are the most essential skills for socializing a dog followed by Down and Off.

Be patient and only reward the behavior you want to encourage.

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A well behaved dog is welcome in most households and that makes it a lot easier to visit family and friends.

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