Puppy Leash Training

Leash Training Your Dog

Puppy Leash Training Tips - Turn your dog into the best walking companion on the path. Properly leash training a dog when he's young sets him up for a lifetime of pleasant walks.

puppy leash training

Training a puppy to do anything is easiest if you first establish, without a doubt, which one of you is the alpha dog. This, of course, should be you.

Most puppies readily accept you as Alpha Dog in the pack, even welcome the direction and stability that you offer as the leader.

Because you are the pack leader you should walk slightly ahead of the puppy and not allow him to take the lead position. Pulling on the leash should be discouraged.

Puppy Leash Training in a Few Easy Steps

The first step in any dog training endeavor is to establish your leading role in the dogs view. In a dogs hierarchy the Alpha Dog is the pack leader.

In your family it's important for the dog to know his place in the pack. His place is at the bottom, under you, your spouse and the children. He might be able to have a cat or bird or something beneath him, they'll have to work that out on their own.

A good way to establish your dogs place in your pack is to make her wait. Wait for treats, wait for walks, wait for meals just long enough that the dog knows that you're in control. Waiting is an important tool in establishing your authority. Pack behavior clearly shows that the alpha dog does everything first while the other dogs wait.

  • Start when the puppy is about 3 months old by letting her get used to wearing the harness (a harness is better for leash training a young pup than a collar) Buy the harness and put it on the puppy every day for a week before attaching a leash to it.

  • Attach the leash while you're in the house and keep the lead short to begin with. Walk around the house and teach the puppy to stay at your side or behind you.

  • The alpha dog (that's you) is out the door first and in the door first. The dog walks at your side, never in front. The front is the place for the alpha dog. If the pup tugs at the leash or gets in the front, turn around so that she is behind you or stop until the dog stops pulling. Be patient and resist the temptation to yank on the leash.

  • Change direction frequently and keep the dog busy and focused on following your lead.

  • The leash should always be slack. Correct puppy immediately when he pulls against the leash (by stopping or ending the walk if it persists).

  • Use affection and treats to reinforce positive behaviors. That's how you let the dog know that he's doing what you want.

  • Ignore the dog when he does something you don't want him to do. Do not reinforce negative behaviors by giving the dog affection and certainly not treats.

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